Mamdooh M. Al-Radadi

SERVICE to anything with an internal or external customer. Creating and developing disruptive business ideas. Training and personal coaching. Author. Public Speaking. Social media addict.

Passionate and madly in love with delivering WOW!



A banker for more than 15 years working in Treasury, Retail, Upscale and Private banking, handling every known customer segment in the financial world. Managed to work on all levels starting out at junior posts all the way to regional and country management. An author of two books on the subject and one on relationships.

After banking I ventured into the entrepreneurial field and established the first steam carwash franchise business in the middle east. Today after more than 20 years in the business world I am a business consultant helping individuals and companies reach their full potential through applying developed systems and hands on training.

I have a keen eye for what is new and disruptive and am deeply invested in all social media platforms, creating and delivering unique and tailor made content to my areas of expertise.

On a personal note I have my own disruptive ideas that I am investing and creating to be announced upon completion.

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