Yes, They can!

Today the 24th of June 2018 marks a historical landmark for Saudi Arabia, Women are actually driving, actually on the road, actually doing it!

Although it might seem to many nations a small thing, an old thing, too late or even falls under so what? it’s a small hint of greater things coming our way as a nation.

There’s a powerful vision at play, a vision like no other, so bold and large it makes you almost not believe its possibility.. just like any other big dream one may have.

Women represent our other half, they actually are 50% of everything and deserve so much more, and much more is on its way.

They have been back seated for over thirty years due to radicals that somehow managed to infiltrate our country changing a beautiful religion and country into an unbearable and tragic one that doesn’t relate to us in any way or form.

With a new young vision that refuses old radical thinking which imprisoned us and placed us on the wrong side of what’s right, a new vision that empowers and enables instead of breaks ones oars and sucks the life out of your soul.

Women have been victims of barbaric, backward thinkers that thought their way of religion is the only way and anyone that disputes their decisions or actions is disputing the beautiful religion.

For thirty years we suffered from hot aired radical animalistic minds trying hard to cripple any future progress.

This driving issue is a slap in the face of anyone that doubts our strong and powerful strides towards a better life here in our country and around the world. I wonder where these radical culprits have disappeared lately, I’m sure they’re only escape is back to their burrow out of site forever to the delete file of history.

Excuse me for my outrage, this is only a tiny fraction of what a whole country has suffered both women and men, if you start brain washing children at an early age what do you expect of them at a later stage in life?

Dear women of my country, even though me saying sorry for all that you’ve been through in the name of wrong practices will never mean anything, please accept my apology for all the harm that came in many forms and acts that can never be forgotten, please take this new initiative as a strong indication of greater things that await you and your beautiful souls.

To the rest of the world I ask you to place yourself in our shoes and recall when the catholic church fought science and how that crippled Europe and the rest of the world. Then think what happened when science was respected? Not that that should be the exact comparison, but you get my idea.

I would love to thank our amazing and energetic youthful leaders that are paving the way to a better day today.

This truly is a historic moment and I am glad to be living it, feeling happy for my daughter and every other female of my beloved country, feeling they will get what they deserve simply completes me.

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