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Everything is connected in our personal and business or work success. First we handle the core the the other layers of our life.

What area are you interested in taking to the next higher level?

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Areas I can add value for you or your company:

After personal success and starting your own business growth starts to take place. That changes the whole game and unlocks new levels.

New levels unearth new challenges and constraints before leveling up.

We can help elevate your business (Internally and externally) to new WOW! levels if you actually wanted to that is.

Evaluations are always free to see if we can’t or can help.

Discuss the Opportunity
Evaluate again

Everything we do is friendly and simple but always guaranteed.

Every individual is unique therefore every need is unique and differs from another individual even if they had the same schooling and had the same friends. So is every organization, with all the talents and requirements of these selective talented individuals the needs change as the organization grows. Mass produced, repetitive and boring training is a thing of the past and a great big waste of time, money and resources.

The personal training I conduct delivers three major important things:

  1. Tailor made
  2. Actionable
  3. Experience based

There is a process before I accept any training work. I need to interview the people that will be taking the training. There is more than one hundred questions I ask that reveal many things that pinpoint what needs to be addressed and what needs to be removed from any training to save and respect their minds and time.

Some of my training will be online to get a better idea of what i deliver. Check back or contact me for a one on one free evaluation.

Have you got a new idea that can change the world? An idea so grand it disrupts the industry it belongs to? A new Ubber, Facebook, AirBnB, WhatsApp? Then we need to talk, otherwise I can’t help you with conventional and repeated ideas.

Sometimes you need another mind to discuss your idea, to evaluate its potential and scalability. Sometimes you need to disrupt an idea or simply add something that no one has done before to an existing product or service. Sometimes you need to contact me to do that, I promise you this; If I can’t or have no idea about what you are offering or cannot add value, your consultation os free and I will do my best to guide to a person that can add value.

This content thing seems to keep getting more and more important to people, especially now in this age where we love to Like, Retweet and Share. Your content is what works, everything else you do is being blocked, skipped or unfollowed.

Due to my availability on almost all social platforms and observation of what works and what doesn’t catch a view, I have been able to grow an international following on most social media platforms and offer unique home made content. If I do share content you can be sure it’s either very new and informative, funny or relatable to specific occasions. I can help you tailor or create specific content or material for your social media or other outlets you may require.

Having written several books and conduct weekly social media book reviews I also like speaking on certain subjects such as : Banking and Corporate success, Service standards, Self development, New ideas and some social issues.

If you are looking for someone to host or speak at your event maybe we should have a nice cup of coffee together.

Let’s Work Together

First we need to see if we can help and add value. There needs to be chemistry to get the best results, that’s a game changer.

Respect. chemistry. common grounds. delivery. value. maintenance.