Not really

So many things we think are a given, have to be, are just like that! are rarely true and in many cases never were.

  • The happiest people that spread laughter and joy all around, always smiling never seen sad or unhappy are simply successful in hiding it all from the outside world because they know people already have enough to worry about.  Happiness is not what others see, it’s what you feel…have mercy on them and treat them like humans.
  • Perfect people on social media is the worlds greatest scam to date, you only get to see what they showcase not what they hide.
  • There is no easy life, The easy life is only easy because it’s backed up with days of hard working hours, it just doesn’t happen out of thin air whenever you command it to happen.
  • Good bosses are only as good as they treated you when you were down, how they lifted you when you needed it most. How unselfish they were, what leadership traits they passed on to you and most of all how they made you feel.
  • People will not always be there, they too have a life and a calling. Only a select few might stick around for the long run.
  • Trends don’t last, get over it don’t try to be the last one standing.
  • Life is not a happy go lucky walk in the park or by the seaside, it’s full of conflicts and bumps that shape you along the way and toughen you up for what’s ahead.
  • People change. You cannot change people unless they want to change no matter how clever or persuasive you are, know that and give it a rest by focusing on yourself more instead.

With all that being said it’s not really important to believe all those things, just do me and yourself a favor and take a hint or note cause it might be really true, you never know?

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