Message in a bottle

What would you write on a message in a bottle then throw it in the ocean?

I thought it was easy. Think about it for a minute and please let me know what your one message would be?

When twitter came out in 2008 it limited us to 140 characters only.

That’s why a lot of people stayed on facebook where they could go on and on and not get ignored or blocked by friends and family.

Twitter made us say it faster and more concisely, It made us carve the best possible way to say what we had to say briefly. You were not allowed more space, that’s it!

Then came snapchat that forced you to video what you have in ten seconds only or your friends would vanish.  So what is happening on the social media frontier is basically a reflection of what is happening in real life.

Brevity is the new thing. Attention is the new currency.

So, going back to your message in the bottle:

  • Only one message.
  • Nothing more.
  • Your message to the world or whoever finds it.
  • What one thing would you want to say?
  • What is so important to you and the world that must be saved in a bottle and sent out to sea.

And after you do manage to find that one message..does that mean if there is a “one thing” then everything else is just talk? filling in the silence?  or what?

What’s your one message?

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