Lost between generations

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong to your peer group? or forced yourself to belong?

Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with you? Why they ignore you?  

Why is your age group not accepting you and the younger ones accepting you more? 

Why is one group happy with everything you say and do and the other questioning or judging you?

If the answer is Yes!  then welcome to my club.

It started when I was in my 20’s asking why have my old crowd started to shrink and why am I surrounded by total strangers from other schools of life?

That continued to happen yearly, every three years and every decade.

The need to find new faces and places all happening while growth took me by the hand and kept running.

We’ve been running so long that we’re very lost and loving it..I think?

Finally I gave up asking why and started living, cherishing it and taking it all in. Focusing on what’s right and forgetting what went wrong will help you live clearly and happily.

There’s nothing wrong with not belonging, even if it feels awkward. Being different will always cost you.

You’ll occasionally feel:

  • Outlandish when all you wanted was to be yourself
  • An outcast when all you wanted was to have a say 
  • Childish while actually wondering what’s wrong with that?
  • Immature because you say things as they are and you’re almost never politically correct
  • Helpless and useless even though you made it so far and still going hard
  • A need to ask if you’re successful or not wrongly benchmarking off the Others
  • Abandoned when all along you were flying solo
  • Younger and more alive than many as if that’s a problem of some sort? 

Today more than ever the single, the individual, the self, living in the NOW matters more than trying to belonging to a tribe of thought or age group.

Today more than ever you actually seriously literally matter more than ever.

Do what matters most and do it better than ever. Stand out and celebrate You!

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