Learning & Earning

Your attention is the new currency and everyone wants a piece of it.

Suddenly you don’t know where your hours, days and year went? All that is costing you a lot. On top of that list is your continuous education.

To stay literate, informed and educated for life staying hungry is the only way.

The sources need to be updated and improved keeping in mind the diversification of your sources.

This information will now come from much younger aged individuals that are literally living online searching, analyzing and casually researching anything they don’t get or understand.

Another source will be coming from areas outside our areas of interest and deep into unorthodox and less interesting places.

Games, special interest sites, opposite sex blogs, designer websites or chasing a string of thought from a very uncanny person you follow on one of your many social media sites or apps.

Earning and learning combined

Never before has doing what you love paid you more easily than today.

Disruptive economic turbulences and changes in life make it almost impossible to live and indulge in what you love without multiple income streams to make ends meet and enjoy the extras too.

As we educate ourselves more and explore opportunities and ways to raise our lifestyle we encounter our weaker traits that need to be addressed in order to make something out of a passion or hobby we have.  

We need to keep mining for information that’s useful faster, that means filtration and managing our time by saving material for our down time to read and learn from.

Here’s a quick way to do that:

1- Write down all the things you love and rarely have time for.

2- Narrow down the list to ten items only.

3- Force yourself to only pick three items on the list.

4- These three items are your new 2018 focus items you need to learn more about.

5- Learn so much about these items that after a few months you are almost an expert on them.

6- An expert will always talk about his passion so talk and broadcast what you learn.

7- You will start to attract and narrow the people that will make your journey fun with common interests.

8- As you learn and talk more on your focused area(s) the following will happen;

a- You will see connections that weren’t apparent before between the three areas.

b- You will hear ideas from your respectful like minded troops around you.

c- You will unlock hidden treasure maps that will guide you to a new income stream, or three.

The idea of combining learning and earning together is intertwined but the learning will always come before the earning.

An this what they mean by never having to work to get paid simply because you’re doing what you love to do and it just happens that you are get paid for it too.

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