Here’s a disruptive idea

What will happen when all the weak business models fail? the ones created by this worldwide entrepreneur craze?

A select few will succeed beyond imagination, some will make it, some will barely survive and more than 90% will evaporate into thin air.

Is there something that can be done for the failing many? something temporary or a more serious treatment?

The available help out there is geared towards the more sophisticated and developed models, not the weaker ones with a few years under their belt.

There’s nothing out there that can really extend help to individuals or their small online business.

Nothing out there that can help freelancers get out of a rut, attract more customers and hustle at higher required levels.

Nothing to help females with their business in a practical logical way treating them equally without favors that can actually hurt them.

Nothing that can take a 17 year old seriously in a professional manner, getting them back on the right track for the long haul.

What real sources of real angel investors offering anything from a few thousand dollars to a couple of hundred without the headaches of camouflaged bureaucracy ?  

  • Who’s suffering out there afraid to scream Help! without hearing countless echoes repeating We told you so?!
  • Who’s sinking and needs anything to hold on to?
  • Who’s telling them to bail out before they lose it all or start fresh with something new?

 To help we need to slow down, take a sidestep and see what’s the real situation not the hyped media coverage.

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