Goal fuel

It’s not hard to achieve a goal, it’s almost impossible.

I’m referring to the life changing ones, the ones that take you to new levels, the goals that leave a dent in your path and take you places.

The world we live in today seems to glorify and paint a beautiful portrait of goals but tends to leave out the journey, the sacrifices and pain you will face.

There’s goals, then there’s GOALS and these are the ones I cover here.

Big life changing goals does not suit everyone, even if the claimed to have their goals in clear and identified formats.

People go out of their way to extreme levels and will do the impossible to avoid achieving real big goals in the right and most rewarding channels. They would seek the fast, easy quick fix to save time and energy (this is not working smarter) something like a tummy tuck instead of living a healthy lifestyle with apparent and known log term benefits.

There’s a difference, there’s always a difference between those who pay the full price upfront and those that pay pennies. These penny payers will always have a valid reason (to them) on their actions.

To conquer big life changing goals, ones that matter most and affect you the most:

  1. Admit that these goals are really, really hard to achieve and you most probably may never achieve them practicing conventional old techniques and methods.
  2. See the end results you want to achieve as if they are done then look at your current state and now imagine with me what the world forgets to mention between you and your goal: The suffering, sacrifices, obstacles, the people that don’t want you to change, the comfort zones, the easy exits, media, advertising, social and peer pressure, discomfort, the people you will have to let go because they’re dragging you down…etc.
  3. Remember why you started when you feel tired, confused, disillusioned, or don’t see results fast enough. We are all different and capabilities, circumstances differ.
  4. Surround yourself with people that don’t bullshit you, respect them and that.
  5. If you don’t find people described in #4 find the closest mirror.
  6. Kill excuses as and when they surface, think later.
  7. The absolute best time to keep going to see results like no other is when you are about to quit, when you can’t take it no more.
  8. Know that this is a long term sold investment in yourself and the payback is huge!
  9. It’s ok to cheat, relax, play a bit..emphasis on “A bit” you’re only human.
  10. Admit when you screw up, stall, evaluate the situation, reboot and start where you left off. No one is keeping track of your progress but You!

Use every negative thought, talk you create of receive as fuel for your goals.

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