For who?

Lost, confused and stressed? not keeping up with the others? could it be a mirage?

Chasing what exactly? what you want or what they show off? Could they be hiding the ugly, real side of life?

Trying to fit everywhere, in every crowd on every social anything ending up with a bit of this and that but no exacts.

Work, money and family with lots of quality time.. all the time is your beautiful myth. Choose priorities wisely so you don’t chronically complain to the ones that matter most.

Hiding, refusing to consider you could be wrong, trying to please them all.. tell me how that makes you feel?

Showing off to the world instead of enjoying the moment, focusing on the picture instead of the real experience.

Here’s a crazy idea!

Start getting used to being comfortable being you, enjoying what you really like to do.

Instead of hundreds or thousands of social media shadows focus on the few real humans that get you, like you for who you are, understand and respect you, maybe even miss you when you’re gone.

Still, even if those select few let you down, there’s always you, do it for you.

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