21 powerful personal branding features

You want to stand out like famous brands?

Personal branding does exactly that. Not everyone takes their personal brand seriously but the ones that do stand out and are easily remembered in a crowd of similar and forgetful normal faces.

Here’s  21 features powerful self branding branded people have:

  1. Remembered for something in particular; Great service, happy, fun, easy going, serious, deliver, take care of their people, help others and the list goes on. Be known for something nice and memorable which makes people come back for more or at least mention you to others.
  2. Focused: It’s easy to slip and trip in life and be semi-good in many things but never in one thing. Focus helps you sharpen the saw and stand out in an area that you are passionate about. Yes, it’s hard to do that especially with all the things you love. Find your calling and focus your energy and time there.
  3. Deliver: Easily said than done, everyone promises and breaking promises is actually a thing nowadays. People think that breaking promises to random people that they might never meet again is the norm. Little do these chronic promise breakers know that word of mouth affects people more than products and services. Deliver and stand out, it has never been easier to stand out in a world of talkers that rarely walk the talk.
  4. Respect time: When you manage your time you also respect other peoples time in the process. Arriving or delivering on time is a deal breaker in life. Taking time lightly might be fun in your early twenties not in your thirties onwards. You are how you handle your time!
  5. Network vigorously: Branded individuals mingle and network professionally to the point it becomes a habit. The most successful people in the world today seem to know everyone, help everyone and don’t ask anyone for anything. When the day comes and they do need something everyone is there to lend a hand. Network before you need it.
  6. Give without expecting: This is something you all do from time to time but not all the time. When you do give unconditionally the magic kicks in and the payback comes in many forms and surprising ways.
  7. Lower expectations: When you expect the world to be a perfect place you are guaranteed continuous disappointment. Lowering your expectations from friends, family, close ties, society, work, business, circumstances you will almost always be happy and rarely shocked.
  8. Forgiveness: You simply can’t keep holding grudges, it eventually kills you. Live and let live, people will screw up and so will you, learn the lesson, get up, dust yourself and move on. Remember the good times of those bad encounters and you shall wear a handsome smile year round.
  9. Get rid of  junk fast: Junk comes in all shapes and sizes, faces too. Not everyone or everything you meet in life will be worth it, actually a select few will fit that category. When you feel that a person is toxic or the item is affecting you negatively do what the smart do, recycle or get rid of them. Seems a bit harsh I know, but life is that way and if you want to fail royally then hand on to that junk.
  10. Helping others: When you get out of your way to help others in need, especially the ones that are shy to ask you’ll be rewarded with an amazing feeling of satisfaction and self approval creating a lifetime of friends that could one day help you or your friends and relatives when the world looks the other way.
  11. Recreate continuously: It’s one thing to make it and feel content for a while and another thing all together to remake yourself for the next chapter in your life. Remember, what got you here will not get you there. Keep raising your personal bar, keep growing.
  12. Never stop learning: A school education opens the door to life, continuous education gives you wings to discover the world. You will never learn everything yourself but you can get as close as possible by reading and diversifying your material. You need to grasp big ideas as well as the smallest thoughts, only good books, training, and documentaries can do that.
  13. Look for the good in the bad: The hardest thing for us to do sometimes is search for a good thing while something bad is happening to us. The best time to do that is wait for the storm to clear then do your searching and take the lessons, most probably they will be gems of wisdom.
  14. Work on strengths: Just like it’s easier to quit than keep going it’s very easy to get bogged down with your weaknesses and forget your powerful characteristics. When you focus on your strong points you help your weaker ones in the process, so forget the self doubt and write down what your’e good at and flaunt it.
  15. Laugh, have fun, play more and smile: I need not explain this one, just do them and see the difference they have on your brand. People love cheerful, happy, fun people and avoid the “others”.
  16. Originality: Not fakes, copies of others trying to be someone else. They believe that everyone is unique and was born with different eyes, fingerprints, DNA for a reason. To make a mark, to stand out, to be remembered be yourself, everyone else is literarily taken.
  17. Keep moving: Don’t let bad incidents stop you from moving towards your goals, sounds cliche’ but trust me in life the blows are many, some harder than others and if everyone was paralyzed upon impact we wouldn’t be here today. Never stop moving even if it means you have to crawl there.
  18. Lowering expectations: When you raise your expectations it’s all great and beneficial to your general outlook on life but when they let you down the disappointments can harm you greatly too. Don’t blame people or circumstances on letting you down blame yourself for expecting too much.
  19. Not revealing everything: You can’t expect to be approached for your services or ideas when you’re an open book and everyone knows everything you do or know. I can’t digest these people that showcase their whole life online or give away everything and then turn around on the same platform and complain about life being hard and low income or no jobs? Keep it to yourself and dispense it wisely. That goes for your resources too.
  20. Respect the elderly, young and all walks of life: This goes without saying but to strike my point across clearly to know someone, really know them, see how they treat people that offer nothing to them; the waiter, the old man or woman, the beggar, the homeless at the end of the street, the doorman at the hotel in some distant land on vacation, the taxi driver, the food delivery teenager trying to make a living. Be kind, it reflects who you are and how you were raised above all of that it shows your humanity.
  21. Convey your passion everywhere: You will find them talking, posting, debating, sharing, discussing everything and anything that has to do with what they do and what they love. They eventually become the Go-To people for their subject or service, they are in the know. They seek and pick the best minds on their subject, always thankful, always grateful and always helping. That’s how they grow and prosper in what they do; passion on fire.

Happy branding!


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