625700_10151583725084766_389002532_nMamdooh Al-Radadi has worked in posts ranging from customer service all the way to country management and everything in between. He has worked in retail, private, priority, treasury, conventional and Islamic banking.


On another frontier he has established creative business models totally new to the region, he is an entrepreneur with many creative ideas in the pipeline, and currently a consultant for financial firms and businesses in the Middle East and can help organizations make the best out of what they have.


His new roles today are professional public speaking engagements, a writer, blogger and a quality service fanatic in all major business fields.


Mamdooh is a futuristic visionary and a strong believer in the power of the untapped individual talents in the region and around the world.


Getting an idea to market
Stand Out
Go Dream
Marriage & Relationships
Stand Out 2

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